Baseball card cases

Once sold as bonuses for packs of chewing gum, baseball cards are one of the most valuable examples of sports memorabilia and are no less deserving of a quality display and storage case than any other item. That is precisely why BallQube has also created a baseball card case for storage of your prized baseball cards, allowing for far more secure storage than binders.

These baseball card display cases are for large collections, as they fit up to 800 cards in one case. However, you don't have to resign yourself to merely jamming cards into the case en masse; the case can be fitted with dividers, allowing you to segment your card collection by whatever criteria you deem fit.

Divide by player, era, position, team, whatever the case may be.

Since BallQube's innovative designs allow for stackability, the ardent baseball card collector can stack as many cases on top of each other as desired. The acrylic polymer that BallQube has engineered for use as baseball card displays is able to be stacked quite high indeed, as we purposefully designed our display cases for home displays all the way to deep storage and archival use.

Few other baseball card displays will hold your cards as securely or allow for storing as many in such a small space as BallQube's. Give your cards the storage they deserve, and keep them preserved for a lifetime and beyond. 

Baseball Card Case, 800 Count
Baseball Card Case, 800 Count
Width: 14"   Height: 2.75"   Depth: 3.6"
Shop Now$14.99
Divider Pack, Baseball Card Case
Divider Pack, Baseball Card Case
Width: NA   Height: NA   Depth: NA
Shop Now$2.99