The BallQube Difference

The BallQube Story

On a cold October evening in 1983, Ken Rogers and John Graham got together over beers to watch the Orioles play the Phillies in the World Series.  A  meeting of the two accountants' minds usually led to lengthy conversations about sports statistics and obscure trivia.

But this night, John, an avid baseball collector, mentioned to Ken that his wife wasn't pleased that John's hundreds of autographed baseballs were taking over the den.  He needed  a great looking, protective, and space-saving way to display his collection or it was  headed to the auction house.

Ken and John started brainstorming solutions and soon realized a cube-shaped case could be stacked in rows and columns (because accountants dream in rows and columns) therefore conserving an enormous amount of space.  {At that time, the only type of baseball display case was a globe on a gold stand.}  The men drew out the two-piece design on a cocktail napkin and, just like that, the remarkable ball cube came to life.

Following that World Series evening, Ken and John decided to leave the debits and credits behind to pursue the production and promotion of their revolutionary idea. Collectors and sports fans across the country enthusiastically embraced the iconic, patented BallQube which is now the official display of sport.